Chapter 14: Catalyst of Thought

Fear hadn't stopped threatening Gray Man's eyes since the day he took Jule from her caretakers.

Her caretakers. Jule's mind suddenly and frantically started asking the questions that she had avoided confronting since her capture.

Had her caretakers filed a missing resident report for her? Had the Restraints from Draeden come to take her for her new role? Would the Restraints believe her caretakers story that she was taken? If they doubted their story... their ruthlessness to insubordinates was demonstrated to the residents on a daily basis. She had witnessed the nightmare of it on a handful of occasions.

Worse than the demonstrations, Jule had heard stories of town residents who had been charged with critical offenses against Draeden. They were sent to the industries outside the city boundaries. Most didn't return. Those who did wouldn't speak of their experiences, but they were forever altered by whatever had happened during their time in the industries - physically and mentally.

Shuddering at the thought of her caretakers being taken there because of her disappearance stirred alarm and anger within Jule. Anger with Gray Man, anger with herself at not fighting him, and alarm at this striking new thought of the well-being of her caretakers.

The need for the truth was too much for Jule. It eclipsed her fear of the burly old man.

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