Chapter 15: A Fury of Words

Jule stopped. She stood straight. Her shoulders squared. "I don't want to walk anymore."

Gray Man froze. His head cocked, and he leered over his shoulder. Slowly his shoulders and body swiveled to match the position of his head - facing Jule.

"I'm not moving. Not till I know why."

"Oh?" Gray Man's expression was unreadable. His tone was not angry but firm and challenging. He paused. Then continued, "Well. Good luck then."

Gabe stood beside Jule - holding her arm tightly. He took a step to follow Gray Man. Jule did not.

"Tell me why you took me. Why." Jule didn't ask. She demanded. Her emotions had been careening into each other for endless hours now leaving her exhausted and apathetic. The fatigue of her endless internal questioning had driven her to unflinchingly confront her captor. There was no regret - she no longer had anything to lose.

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