Chapter 13: Glinting Fear

Time had no place beneath the ground amidst these halls. There was no sun to mark how much time had passed since Gray Man first led Jule away from the town.

The town. What all had transpired in such a short time? Because this trek was starting to feel endless, Jule let herself get lost in her thoughts.

Where had she been just a few short days ago?

Learning her caretakers' discipline.

For the first time, they had left her to bundle the grains bound for Draeden. As harvesters, they share the discipline of most of the town's population. There are few exceptions such as the librarian, mayor and the town officer.

In addition to them, there is always the constantly changing Restraint Corps sent by Draeden to ensure town adherence to citizen model guidelines. The Restraints (members of the Corps) are also in charge of replenishing town supplies - most of which they keep for themselves.

Adding to the in-flux population are the Groomers who come in monthly to ensure the health of those in the community. In charge of health monitoring and hygiene care of residents, the groomers had just performed this month's female grooming. It would be another month before the male grooming would happen again.

It was right after Jule's grooming day that Gray Man came for her. She occasionally saw him at her dwelling and at town assemblies, but he was quiet and generally mean driving her to avoid him whenever possible. He had never actually addressed her. That was before he took her from her caretakers' property.

While waiting for her caretakers to return from their daily inspection of the harvest, Gray Man came for her. The look in his eyes scared her. Not only because of the determination that shone in them but because of the fear that threatened clouding them. This man had no fear, and seeing it in his eyes shook Jule.

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