Apple Dates: Part III

“Where should we go on our Apple Date today, Lil Bit?”

“Umm… I like the meadow! Can we go to the meadow today, Mommy?”

I nod and smile. The meadow is one of my favorite Apple Date spots.

“Really? We can go to the meadow! Yay!” Collin grins with his wide eyes.

The meadow is special. It’s the setting of so many of my childhood drawings – rolling hills, fluffy clouds, trees full of apples and of course, always, two familiar people.

I don’t have to draw my meadow anymore though. Dad and I found this one, and planted our apple trees here together. They’re all fully grown now – much like me. Dad and I planted these so that we’ll always have Apple Dates and so will Collin. He’ll find out about that today.

“Are you ready, Collin? It’s a green apple day.”

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must we wait so long between posts!!?! Need more!