Chapter 7: Hold Life

Eliminated? Wiped out, no longer here. Jule needed to explain it to herself to understand what Ms. Polts was saying. I'm a girl - just a girl. Why would I be so important?


Gray Man's fist came down hard on the table, "I will not subject Jule to the cruel torture that is our way of repopulating Draeden. I won't... I can't lose another girl to those tyrants."

The table of adults began shaking their heads in what seemed experienced remorseful defeat.

"We are more than work horses. We are humans," Gray Man went on in an abnormal display of dictation. "I'm too old to keep standing by the atrocities continuously inflicted upon us. They've already taken away everything I had to lose. There's little use left in my life. I have to make of it what I can, and if it's this stand, then so be it."

Officer Samuels had been quiet till now. A determined look turned his ice blue eyes a dark, formidable gray. "James, sit down. I've heard enough. From you as well as Polts. We do not have the liberty of debate. Jule is of age. Gabe is of age. It is time for them to fulfill their roles for Draeden. We have received the assignment from The Consortium. You know as well as I that they will force her into captivity in Draeden if we resist - only after killing us for resisting. She is better off here. There, she will be no more than a breeder, worked until death. We have no choice."

Gray Man's countenance quieted. He then gave his final remarks. "This was not to be Jule's purpose. She is more than a laboreur. But to save her, Jule must bear children for Draeden." He resignedly sighed, "it is her position."

"NO!" Jule shrilled through a whispered shout.

The noise was enough to catch the unwanted attention of those filling the hazed room. Narrowed eyes quickly shifted toward the wall where she had been. Gabe leaped to his feet sending the shelf concealing him tumbling to the floor. Officer Samuels grabbed his arm before he could decide what to do next with his distraction. Gray Man pushed through the shed's door from where he caught a glance of a red figure disappearing into the looming trees.

The full moon watched from above, regretfully illuminating the scene below.

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